Facultative Reinsurance

Types of facultative reinsurance are as follows:
  • Pro Rata 
Pro rata is a type of facultative reinsurance where the ceding company and reinsured share premium and losses on particular risks in accordance to the agreed percentage. 
  • Excess of Loss 
Excess of loss is a type of facultative reinsurance where analysis of potential damage caused by losses is needed. The ceding company will select a level of loss compatible with net and treaty guidelines and will use such information as the retention. The facultative reinsurer provides a limit of reinsurance which exceeds the retention.
  • Casualty Facultative Reinsurance 
  1. General Liability 
  2. Umbrella
  3. Personal/Commercial Automobile 
  4. Workers’ Compensation and/or Employer’s Liability 
  5. Excess Liability
  •  Facultative Property Reinsurance 
There are numerous types of property lines, which varies. Such property lines may be categorised as the following:  
  1. Standard Lines
  2. Technical Risks
  3. Excess and Surplus Lines.

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